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beardedvulturebirdVulture Large bird of prey of the old world vultures are related to hawks and eagles, they are mainly found in tropical temperate regions of the world . The American vultures and condors come from a different family (Cathartidae) which also includes distant links to the storks and Cormorants.

The American vulture has no syrinx thus voiceless, emitting only weak hisses. They feed indiscriminately and chiefly on carrion, this could be because they have a weak beak and lack the strength of other birds of prey, so they rarely attack other animals only if they are helpless.

There plumage is mostly dark and have small, naked heads. And the adult turkey vulture or turkey buzzard has a wings spread of 6 ft. the head is red. The black vulture is smaller and is black . The tropical king vulture has a orange crimson, and purple colour, with a neck ruff of gray down. Vultures can fly effortlessly and are skillful at riding thermal updrafts of the mountains where it habitats, they also have keen sight. Most of the time vultures are solitary animals, but will gather in crowds to feed.They are valuable scavengers and are protected by law.

During the (Pleistocene epoch) period a vulture was the largest birds that ever existed, having a wingspan of 16 to 17 ft..

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