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tigerTiger Large carnivorous mammal belonging to the cat family , living in Asia. Its coat has no mane , but it has a orange and yellow and black striped coloring which perfectly camouflages in with its environment. Occasionally there is a black or albino color.

The male tiger is about 8 to 10 ft. total length, and some way more than 500 lbs. Tigers chiefly live in forest and jungle areas, where they hunt and prey on deer, cattle, wild pigs, and smaller animals mostly at night. The man eating tigers are usually old and able to capture wild animals. The tiger being less gregarious than the Lion, seldom breeds in captivity, although it has produced sterile of spring when crossed with the Lion .

Tigers are good swimmers, the Indian Bengal tiger is the most common , others include Mongolian , Korean , Persian , jargon , Manchurian, Caspian , and Bali Tigers .

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