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storkbirdStork Long-legged wading bird found in warmer parts of the world.Storks are related to the heron and the ibis, having long broad powerful wings, and during flight they flap their wings and soar with their legs dangling and their long necks bent back in a S shape .

Storks feed on reptiles, amphibians, mollusks, fish, and insects, using their long heavy bills to catch food, by jabbing and thrusting like a knife. They do not have any syrinx muscles, which makes them mute, but they can produce a a cluttering noise by snapping there bills .

In America the wood ibis , or American wood stork is the only species there. It is about 4 ft. long with glossy greenish black tail, found in temperate and tropical regions, and the jabiru of the tropics, with a white and black body and naked black head.

The 40 in. long European white stork has a red bill and legs, is regarded as a good omen, particularly of fertility, and was encouraged to build its platform nest on House stops. This bird is common from Holland to the Balkans. The black stork of Asia is smaller and wider .

The largest of the species is called the saddled billed stock from Africa, and the adjutant storks of South Asia and of tropical Africa , given this name (having untidy head feathers) and their upright military bearing . One Indian species, called also marabou , has soft tail feathers used in millinery , and once popular for making feather boas . Adjutant storks are valued and protected as scavengers.

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