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shearwaterbirdShearwater Family of seabirds gull like in appearance related to a to the petrel and the albatross also including the fulmar. This species of birds can be found on the unfrozen salt waters throughout the world, there is 35 species in North America. There bills are hooked and tubular, have long pointed wings, short tails.

Feeding mainly on marine animals and oily matter on the open seas, they come to short only to breed. Shearwaters measure 15 to 25 in. long, there plumage is dark above and light below except for the grayish bellied Sooty shearwater of the southern hemisphere. Most common in the North Atlantic are the greater shearwater and Corey is a shearwater .

In Australia the slender billed shearwater , migrates over the entire Pacific, and is a game bird known also as the mutton bird or Tasmania squab. There is two fulmars one of the northern Atlantic and the other, the silvery gray fulmar of Antarctic regions, have thick stubby and yellow bills.

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