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quailbirdQuail Name given to a variety of small game birds, related to the grouse. Originally from quell have been naturalized in America; the Bobwhites ranges to the Central states commonly called quail (or Partridge).

The plume or helmet quails, named to for their crests, the valley and scaled quail, the gambel's quail, are all Western birds. Quails feed on harmful insects, seeds and travel in flocks called coveys.

Quails and Partridges there is over a 100 different species just in the world old . living naturally from East Africa to New Zealand. The majority found in tropical Asia to South Africa. They are small rounded birds with small legs and pointed winges.In China you will find more partridges like the monal-partridges, and mountain dwelling snowcocks.Almost all Quails and Partridges are monogamous, they pair with others in their groups.

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