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hummingbird-tailedbirdHummingbird A common name given to a family of small birds strictly from the New World , related to the swifts , which chiefly live in the mountains of South America . Hummingbirds size and varies from 2 1/4 inches for the fairy hummingbird of Cuba (this is the smallest of all birds) to an 8-1/2" inches for the giant hummer, of the Andes .

Their colors are brilliant and jewellike ; the construction of the feathers are prismatic, and show iridesces in changing light. Hummingbirds diet consists of insects, and nectar from flowers and, which they have long and slender (sometimes curved) bills that have been especially adapted. The hummingbirds wing beats are so rapid (50 to 75 beats the second) and that their wings appear blurred , and because of this they use an enormous amount of energy to keep this continuous movement they feed constantly; at night they lapse into a state of torpor , similar to that of the animal hibernating .

Their nests are usually tiny cups of soft vegetation that so far some to the top of the branch. Several species are found in the West and Southwest United States and, the black chinned hummingbird, and the calliope hummingbird, in the northeast United States the Ruby Fluted hummingbird. The sun birds, smaller and brilliant passerine birds of India, Africa, and Australia, are sometimes called hummingbirds in those areas.

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