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red-tailed-hawkbirdHawk Commonly applied to smaller members of the heterogeneous family of diurnal birds of prey which includes the kite, the Eagle , the Old World vulture , and the secretary bird and is related to the falcon, the New World vultures, and the osprey .

In a wider term hawk refers to any of the accipitridae. Hawks have key eyesight, sharply hooked bills, and powerful feet with a curved talons. Their flight is strong and graceful, and are widely distinguished. falcons have broader, rounded wings. Typical of the hunting hawks, is the Goshawk , found in northern temperate regions , it feeds on small mammals and also other birds, bringing its prey to the ground.

Other destructive American accipiters are the check-in , or Cooper's hawk and the small, (Robin sized) (murderous in shape) skinned hawk , which is known to feed on at least 50 species of harmless of beneficial birds. The males of this group are usually smaller than the females. Buteos (called buzzards by the English) are a diverse cosmopolitan group of medium to large hawks and eagles with short legs and tails and larger wings than accipiters. They include hawks such as the American red tailed, red shouldered, broad winged, rough legged, and Swianson's hawks , which feed on harmful rodents and reptiles. Except for the harriers , or marsh hawks, ground nesters hawks build their nests of sticks and twigs in trees.

All hawks regurgitate and the in digestible portions of their prey as pellets . Included in this group is the serpent eagle of Africa , which does the somersault in its flight . The name or is also applied to the Goatsucker , certain members of the gull and jaeger families, and the hawk swallow a European swift .

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