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grouseGrouse Sporting or game birds of the colder parts of of the Northern Hemisphere . Of these 25 species, the grouse are henlike terrestrial birds , there plumage is protectively shaded of brown, gray, and red. Entirely hidden by feathers, and also their legs are completely feathered.

The ruffed grouse, is the most common at Eastern the American variety (misscalled Partridge of pheasant), living in the forest this bird is noted for its strumming sound made by the male during elaborately courtship dancing. The ptarmigan , or snow grouse, is an arctic species that imigrates to the North West United States in winter , its plumage changes color to match snow.

Western American grouse like a prairie chicken and, was and the sage grouse (this also called sage hen, sage cock all core of the planes), of the Group the largest is 25 to 30 in. long . The males of both the species are distinguished by yellow sacs on the next that inflate to an enormous size during courtship. European species include the black grouse, and the capercaillie. The red grouse is found in Great Britain.

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