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gray-foxFox Predatory animal of the dog family. Its fur is generally long and thick, and has a bushy tail usually longer than that of the wolf. It is an intelligent animal and shows great skill in outwitting its enemies. Small animals, birds, and fruits form of most of its food.

The red fox (Vulpes) in habits parts of Europe and Asia, North Africa, living also in Canada and the United States. There are different races of fox, with different coloring and markings, but the coat is usually reddish, the end of the tail is white, and the back of the ears are marked with black. Silver, black, and cross fox are color phases , one or more of which may appear in any red fox litter.

Silver Fox pelts are valuable; Often they were raised in captivity in North America. These practices have stopped. The thick, underfur is overlaid with black and a black tipped white hairs about 3 in. long. The natural all black pelts are rare and expensive. The gray fox is found over most of United States and from Mexico to North South America.

Red fox


Credit: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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