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duckDuck Wild and domestic waterfowl of the same family as the goose and the Swan. And it is often hunted and bred for its meat, also its eggs and feathers. Strictly speaking, duck refers to the female and Drake to the male .

Usually you can divide ducks into three groups; The surface breeding ducks such as the Mallard , wood duck, black duck, and teal which frequented ponds, marshes and and other quiet waters . The diving ducks such as the canvasback , scraup, scoter , eider , and red head, found on bays , rivers and lakes.

The fish eating ducks , the mergansers , with slender, serrated bills, which also prefer open water. The surface feeders take wing straight up, while the divers fly along the water's surface in taking off. The ancestor of all domestic breeds except for the Muscovy of South American origin, is the mallard, which is found in Europe, Asia, and North America. The mallard drake a white ring separates the bright green head and neck from the chestnut on breast, and the back is grayish brown, the tail white, and the wings have blue patches.

The wood duck, smaller than the Mallard, nests in hollow trees; the drake has of various colors iridescent ornament to lakes and ponds . The Blue winged, and green winged and European teals are small ducks that fly with great speed. The canvasback is hunted widely for its palatable flesh. It has a chestnut head and neck, black bill and chest, and whitish back and underparts. A swift flier, it is also an expert swimmer and diver.

In the northern countries a portion of the down with which the eider ducks line their nests is systematically collected , as are some of the eggs ; since the eiders lay throughout the season, these of soon replaced .

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