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bloodhounddogDog Domesticated mammal (canis familiaris ) of the family Canidea to which the wolf, the jackal, and Fox also belong.

Cave drawings of the late Paleolithic period indicate that dogs were used for hunting by primitive man ; thus they were the first domestic animals . It is believed that the dog developed originally in Southwest Asia and that its main progenitor was the wolf, as evidenced by the identical dental structure of the two.

Two distinct breeds were known in Egypt a short headed dog and a greyhound type. Assyria was the home of a mastiff like dog , and several types of dogs were known in the cities of the Indus Valley. Through the centuries dogs' have been selectively bred for special purposes, for draught purposes, and as guards and companions.

Today there are over 200 breeds. In the sporting dog group includes pointers, retrievers, setters, spaniels. These dog's hunt by air scent , as opposed to those of the hound group beagles Fox hounds, bloodhounds, which track their prey by ground scent. Also classified the Greyhound types include whippets , salukis , borzois , irish wolfhound , which hunt mainly by sight .

The many breeds of terrier go to earth after their burrowing prey. Among the working dog group , used as guards, and guides, and herders , are the collie, German shepherd dog, St. Bernard. Such diminutive pet dogs as the Pekinese , Pomeranain , and the pug belong to the toy dog class.

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