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CuckoobirdgifCuckoo Name used commonly for the extensive family of birds, including theani,and the roadrunner, widely seen it in temperate and tropical regions.

Cuckoos have long tails with median to stout down curved bills , their wings are pointed, their legs short, except for the terrestrial species, their dull plumage is grayish brown.

Their mainly insectivorous and arboreal. The old world cuckoos, the common European cuckoo is typical. The female the visits the nests of smaller birds, where she selects eggs that match hers in color, then replace this and make of the host with one of her own; laying four or five eggs at 48 hour intervals everyone in a different nest.

The young cuckoo, been bigger than its nest mates displaces them from the nest and becomes the sole recipient of its foster parents care.

Their nests are built coarse mostly in thorny bushes; because they lay at intervals, both eggs and young may appear together in the nest . Included in the cuckoo family are the Coucals , this bird is medium to large in size slow flying , and terrestrial in its habits and is found in the tropics from Africa to Australia.

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