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cobrasnakeCobra A very poisonous snake native to Africa and Asia. The common Cobra of India and the Egyptian cobra are often used by snake charmers.

The large hood of the Indian cobra has a spectacle like pattern . The asiatic king cobra or hamadryad , which can grow to a length of 14 to 18 ft., but its hood has no pattern which it spreads, as does the common Cobra, when agitated or startled.

Several of the African species can eject a spray of venom to a distance of at least 6 ft.. The poison of a spitting Cobra of the southern regions of Africa is often aimed at the victim's eyes causing great pain . If not all washed out promptly, it can cause short term blindness .

The asiatic Krait , the African mamba , the Australian tiger snake and death adder, and the coral snakes of the new world are related to the Cobra.

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