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saimesecatCat Carnivorous mammal belonging to the family of Felidea , includes large wild species like the leopard, tiger, the Lion as well as 30 other breeds of small domestic cats.

All the cats have rounded, shaped heads, their short faces, large eyes , sensitive whiskers , erect , pointed ears , rough coated tongues, with a short wide jaws with long canine and strong molar teeth. Most have long tails. They have five toes on the front feet and four on the hind feet, all claws are retractable.

Cats have been domesticated since ancient times, where they were venerated in Egyptian and Norse religions. The cat is often associated and with superstition , most likely because of its independence and aloofness; in the Middle Ages and crucified as witches. With the depopulation of cats lead inevitably to plagues of rats and mice, so the cat was reinstated and as a valuable and efficient destroyer of these rodents.

Cat breeds may be classified as long, short haired; the latter generally more slender and active than the former. Common short haired cats are believed to be descended from a mixture of tame Africa and wild European species ; long haired cats have originated in Asia. The first long haired cats were the Angola's but they have interbread with the Persians to such an extent that the original strain no longer exists . The other long hair varieties like the Burmese, the Tibetan temple cats .

The Manx cat is tailless with short hair ; it lives in the Isle of Man but most likely originated in Asia, where other tailless cats live. The Siamese cat is a fawn color, short haired breed ,sometimes with rare blue markings .

Other short haired breeds are the blue Maltese cats, the Abyessinian ticked cat, the fur is like that of a wild rabbit, the small Paraguayan cat, the also the rare on Mexican hairless cat.

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