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boobybirdBooby Name for a family of truce sized seabirds. Tropical and subtropical members of the family are specifically called boobies; those of northern waters are called gannets.

These birds have heavy, streamlined bodies; long, pointed wings; long, wedge-shaped tails ; and short, stout legs. They fish by diving on their prey from great heights and pursuing it underwater; air sacs under their skin cushion the impact with the water and provide buoyancy, as with pelicans.

Their eggs are laid on bare cliffs in sketchy nests by the sea . The masked, red-footed, and brown boobies are found the world over; the Peruvian and blue footed boobies, on the West Coast's of the Americas; and the Abbott's booby , in the Indian Ocean . The commonest is the gannet of the North Atlantic and breeds in the British Isles, in the gaspe region of Canada , and bird island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

A Pacific gannet is one of the chief guano producers of the offshore islands of Peru . The name booby is descriptive not only of the rather stupid facial expression of these births, but also of their unwary gullible behavior when hunted by man - a fact that accounts of their diminishing numbers.

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