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bobwhitebirdBobwhite American hen like bird of the same family as the pheasant and the Partridge. The Eastern bobwhite is about 10 in. long. Its plumage is mixed brown, black, and white in the male and brown and buff in the female, making its almost invisible against the vegetation and weedy fields and edges of Woodland .

Bobwhites feed on insects and weed seeds. During much of the year they travel in coveys , sleeping at night in a compact circle, tails to the center. Thus they can fly out in all directions if alarmed .

In spring when the coveys disperse, each male has a sex territory in which to nest; the characteristic bobwhite call functions to attract a mate and to worn off other males . The large brood follows the hen; when danger threatens, the hen feigns injury until the young have scattered and hidden .

Bobwhites are hunted as game birds and are often miss called quail or Partridge; they can be raised farms occupy rapidly under protection .

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