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The beaver likes a slow moving stream surrounded by aspen trees. This wood makes the perfect setting for beavers to change their landscape and build dams, locks, canals and lodges. Beavers have become so flexible that in most cases all they require is water and trees.beaverpondsmall In north america the beaver stronghold areas are in the Great Lakes region, with plenty of lakes, rivers, streams, these wetlands supply massive amounts of food. Areas in north-central Minnesota inlets of the Mississippi river supplies endless places for beaver families to build lodges.


In the Rocky Mountains, beavers use the high streams to forge out a homestead. The fast moving water can cause problems but again the beaver found ways to adapt. Southeast and southwestern parts of the states the beaverstreamsbeaver has found ways to make a living giving up building dams and lodges on larger rivers using dens dug out of the river banks. Today many a farmers field and nearby summer homes in wetland areas will be shared with the beaver, they are no longer the solitude animal most people once thought.


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