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batBat Mammal of the order Chiroptera , it is the only mammal with the power of true flight and is found in almost all temperate and tropical parts of the world. The wing is a membrane stretched between the elongated bones of four fingers and sometimes extending along the body from the forelimbs to the hind limbs and from there to the tail .

The thumb is small , clawed , and free of the membrane. Bats are divided into two groups, the insectivorous , of both hemispheres and the old world bats which feed mostly on fruits and blossoms .

The flying foxes or fruit bats have a Fox like muscle and a wingspan of nearly 5 ft. the only true vampire bats inhabit tropical America. There bite is serious because anticoagulating properties of their saliva delay clotting in the wound and because they are known to transmit paralytic rabies to both humans and livestock. Bats suspend themselves head downward when at rest. In temperate climates some hibernate in winter and some migrate .

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