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owlbarnOwl Nocturnal bird of prey which is related to the goatsuckers and found on all continents. Owls resemble short necked hawks, except for their eyes which are directed forward and are surrounded by disks of radiating feathers. This peculiarity lends them an appearance of studious intelligence, and now has long been used as a symbol of wisdom.

Although the owls are able to see in daylight, their eyes are especially adapted to seen in partial darkness, so most owls spend a day sleeping in caves, hollow trees, and other secluded places. They have soft and fluffy plumage, that makes them almost noiseless in flight. The order (strigiforomes) of owls is divided into two families; the barn owls, they have heart shaped faces , is one, and all other owls comprise the rest.

The owls diet consists of toads and frogs, insects, and small birds; like the hawks, they regurgitate pellets of indigestible matter. The elf and saw-whet owls of the Southwest United States and the pygmy owl of the old world are only 6 in. long, while of the eagle owl of you Asia, the Hawk Owl of Australia, the great horned owl of North America, and the snowy and great gray owls of the Arctic reach 2 ft. with wingspans of 4 to 5 ft.

Many owls use up the deserted nests of other birds, especially hawks; the burrowing owl of the New World lives in deserted prairie dog burrows or digs its own . The barred owl has a familiar 4 hoot call; the screech owl, misnamed for a similar European species, has a mournful descending cry. The long eared owl is found in North America; the short eared owl is ubiquitous. The tawny owl is common in England.

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