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armadilloArmadillo Mammal belonging to the order Edentata , found from Patagonia northward to parts of the South and Southwest United States .

The head and body are almost completely covered by armor of bone and bony material; and there are few hairs . The tail is usually covered by a bony rings. Armadillos borrow into the ground with great speed, some can roll into a ball for protection .

They are omnivorous feeders , although insects form the bulk of their diet . And the nine banded armadillo is the only species which ranges into the United States. It to produces either four or eight young. In South America and the largest is the great armadillo about (3 ft. long) and the smallest is the pichicago about (5 in. long) the flesh of the armadillo is palatable .

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The Fairy Armadillo has a flat piece of armor on its rear end. When scared, the armadillo buries into the ground, until only that armored rear end is showing. This blocks predators from entering the burrow, and it keeps the armadillo safe.

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