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antelopeAntelope Name applied it to a large group of hoofed ruminant mammals of the order Artiodiactyla . The true antelopes are confined to Africa and Asia . Their unbranched horns, unlike the antlers of the deer, are not shed and consist of a hollow chiatinous shell with a bony core .

Africa is the home of most antelopes, including the bushbuck ,waterbuck , lechwe, marshbuck , impala , or palla, kudu, nyala , springbuck , bongo .

Native to India are the nilgai or blue bull, the four horned antelope and black buck, the saiga lives on the other steppes of South Russia and in the Central and West Asia, and the chiru in Tibet . The hunting of antelopes for their flesh, Hyde, and horns has greatly reduced their numbers, some to the verge of extinction .

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